Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All of our customer’s order items are delivered by Pos Laju within 2-3 working days. Further notice will be informed.

Click on sign up at the top right of the page. Just follow the steps in completing the signing up process  in order to activate account. Then an email will be sent to your registered e-mail address once you have sign up on Lazo Diamond® website.

Soon after you have signed up, you will able to control or monitor your progress. Your order history can be viewed there along with an e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address from there on. Customers can also click on “Parcel Tracking” link at the bottom left of the page.

Members who made their orders expect to receive their orders within two (2) working days upon payment verification.

If you experience delays in receiving your order, contact us immediately and we will assist to confirm the status of your order.

We accept not only credit and debit card but also through other online payment gateway.

We take such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly for actions. Any item that is suspected in having a mishap should not be thrown away, snaps a photo for proof and send it back to us. Refer our Return and Exchange Policy for more details.

Every each of our customer’s personal information and order detail we kept it as confidential as possible and we take it as a very serious security manner.

Yes there is. We provide free jewelry cleaning, repairing and size alteration etc. Make sure to bring along proof of purchase to any of our nearest store to enjoy the free servicing.

A customer may still proceed as we do provide the service but the customer will be charge for the provided service. As for reminder, if there is lost of receipt, we do not re-print to replace the lost receipt.

Avoid contact of alcohol, oil, mercury, perfume and high temperature away from jewelry.

You can refer to the measuring your ring size page on Lazo Diamond® website.

This is the amount of Yellow Gold content mixed. 9K White Gold has less Yellow Gold content compared to 18K White Gold.

Take the weight of the diamond and put it as in grams(g). In order to get the number of carat, divide the weight of diamond by 0.2. As for such, let say the weight of a diamond is 0.1 grams, then the carat is 0.1/0.2=0.5,which means that the diamond is half of a carat.

When you have calculated a diamond’s number of carat, take the number after the decimal point and divide it by 100. For example, the points for a 1.315 carat diamond is 315/100= 31.5 points.