Fulfill the femine desire in you.

Owning a diamond
is no longer a dream.

Browse every jewelry pieces available at LAZO DIAMOND®
by category of wearables.

Customize your jewellery with
LAZO TRUE® diamond!

Express the woman you are without saying a word by customizing your jewellery with our LAZO TRUE® diamonds.



Our LAZO TRUE diamonds are recognized, certified and graded by Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

A perfect present for that special someone.

Gifting is so much more than just the physical exchange of objects. It’s a way to communicate for the gift becomes a wish for someone’s happiness.

At LAZO DIAMOND® gifting jewellery to your special someone is no longer a tedious treasure-hunt.

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Established in 2003 and has evolved into Malaysia’s premier manufacturer and retailer of white gold and diamond jewellery. Setting apart from the other diamond producers by its price point that aims to make diamonds accessible to wider public reach.

The Largest White Gold & Diamonds Specialist Retail Chain

Golden Bull Award 2008 & 2009

Fair Price Shop Awards by Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs

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